Executive Summary Template

for Amazon Sellers

How to use this Executive Summary Template


An executive summary (aka executive brief) is a concise summary of a business need. This Executive Summary Template was created for Amazon sellers use; however, it is general in nature, and may be used for most purposes.

This template can be used to quickly onboard Amazon solution providers to necessary background information, resulting in faster, accurate, and more consistent responses. There are no set guidelines regarding the format of an executive summary. However, all executive summaries should:

  • be clear and concise, using a professional manner
  • contain only relevant information
  • be a document that can stand on its own and/or be presented
  • be provided ahead of any provider calls to preload the conversation
  • be only 1-2 pages total

NOTE: The contents of an executive summary typically include sales figures, future business plans, competitive secrets, intellectual property, etc. It is highly recommended that a mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA) is signed prior to sharing any sensitive information.


Download the Executive Summary Template

Google Doc, Word & PDF formats may be downloaded here.


Terms of Use

This Executive Summary Template is intended to be a tool to help Amazon sellers and providers. It is free for individuals and businesses to use and is provided as-is. nReach makes no claim to its content or validity and assumes no liability for its use. If you do use this template and find it useful, please connect on LinkedIn or give us a link or like to nReach, Amazon advisors, “the experts on Amazon expertise”.

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