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Mergers & Acquisitions

Successful acquisition requires an Amazon-aware M&A firm with a comprehensive understanding of financial, legal, and operational issues, combined with the nReach network of strategic Investors.

M&A Prep

nReach matches Strategic, Accounting, and Legal advisors that identify M&A opportunities, projecting the financial impact, and realizing maximum evaluation in the Amazon ecosphere.

Agency Support

Harnessing the support of industry experts, partners, and fellow owners at all stages of growth, nReach empowers agencies to scale with Amazon-specific Sales, Operations, and Hiring solutions.


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Agency experience

Years of ad agency experience allows nReach to help grow, sell, or buy any size or type of Amazon agency.

Investor network

nReach works with global brands, M&A firms, institutional investors, and larger agencies looking to solve for Amazon.

Amazon knowledge

nReach specializes in working with investors and owners of rapidly growing, service-based Amazon Marketplace companies.